Prijzen en tijdsduur

3 hours
  • Professional poker set
  • Multiple rounds
  • Enthusiastic game host

€ 34,95 p.p.

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Always loved poker, but actually no idea about the rules or just a little bit? Than this is the perfect workshop for you! Also great to do with your bachelor party! Which one of you has the best pokerface? Let’s find out during this Poker Workshop! Don’t let your friends know what kind of cards you have, use your best face!

Don’t you know when you have to say, ‘raise’ or ‘check’ during a poker game but always wanted to learn to play poker? Don’t worry anymore! During the poker workshop we will explain everything in a clear way. At the end of the poker workshop you have gained enough knowledge to feel confident to play a game somewhere else even though you did not have any skills at the beginning.

Let’s start playing! What about this Poker Workshop?

Our Poker Expert will welcome you at our unique location in the city centre of Amsterdam. Our professional poker teacher will explain you the rules of playing poker. You can have a seat at one of our professional poker table where we will start with the basics. It depends on the level of the group how far the teacher can increase your level of skills. After the explanation the game will begin and you can put the tactics and strategies you have learnt into practice! During the Poker Workshop you will get better and better in the game and afterwards you can call yourself a real Poker Expert! Make your bachelor party compleet, with this Poker Workshop!

It is possible to choose for a 2 hour or a 3 hour during workshop.


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