✓ Choose from soda, energy drink, beer and wine
✓ Special beers and liquors are not included
✓ 1 drink in a time
✓ Starts at least 30 min. before your outing
✓ Stops  no later than 2 hours after your outing
✓ Alcohol will only be served after the activity
✓ It’s not allowed to take drinks off the terrain

Fundustry reserves the right in violation of the house rules or drunkenness to stop pouring out alcoholic drinks. 


Standard €7,50 per person

 3 drinks (choose from soda)
 + 2 hot drinks for free (coffee/tea/hot chocolate)

Normal €16,95 per person

✓ Starts immediately after your last activity
Until two hours after the outing

Complete €22,95 per person

30 minutes before the outing (no alcohol)
During the outing (no alcohol)
Until two hours after the outing


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