Prices and duration

2 hours
Ibiza Bracelet Basic
  • Ibiza bracelet workshop
  • Professional instructions
  • Free group photo

€ 32,50 p.p.

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2 hours
Ibiza Bracelet Extra
  • Ibiza bracelet workshop
  • Professional instructions
  • Sweetplank
  • Free group photo

€ 42,95 p.p.

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4 hours
Ibiza Bracelet Ultimate
  • Ibiza bracelet workshop
  • Ibiza bag workshop
  • Professional instructions
  • Sweetplank
  • Free group photo

€ 64,95 p.p.

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Ibiza Bracelet workshop

Design bracelets based on the Ibiza style with all your friends. Bracelets with vibrant colors and accessories. During the workshop we will design six different bracelets. Because we work with a wide range of colors and materials there will always be something that matches your style.

Throughout the workshop you will be accompanied by one of our professional instructors who will show you all the techniques. After the workshop everyone will return home with a wrist filled with hip bracelets.

The 6 bracelets we will be designing during the workshop are:
1. Ibiza bracelet rocaille (small beads) + hanger
2. Ibiza bracelet rocaille (small beads) + spacing bead
3. Ibiza bracelet beads + hanger
4. Ibiza bracelet beads + spacing bead
5. An elastic Ibiza bracelet + spacing element
6. A chain Ibiza bracelet + spacing bead or metal spacing element.
* Spacing bead: different kinds such as peace signs, hearts, crosses, roses, in addition to other beautiful shapes and larger beads.
* Spacing element: different kinds such as love, crosses, texts, shapes etc.

This workshop is ideal for days with friends, bachelor parties, or other different kind of group outings.

Workshop on private location

It is possible to do this workshop at your own location. We count an extra charge of €5 per person. We also charge a fee of €25 per workshop and travel costs of €1.10 per km (calculated from our venue in Rotterdam). A workshop can be booked for a small group friends or family. Of course we also have plenty of space for larger groups.

The Sweetplank contains a selection of sweet pastries:
– mini brownie
– red velvet cake
– muffin
– eclairs
* range can be variable

Catering options

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To complete your outing we can offer you food and drinks throughout the day. Before, during, or after your outing, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, a snack or an extensive diner. We have a number of catering options. The catering options mentioned below can differ per location. Please contact us to discuss these options per venue.

From 27,50
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From 12,50
Snack Bites
From 5,95

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